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Podcast Episode Two | Show Notes

Hello everyone!

This week I managed to sort out the video and audio quality as I have started filming on my Ipad instead of my camera.

FOs – Finished Objects:

Morgan’s blue socks went through the wash and only had one casualty, a ripped stitch at the top that hasn’t uravelled thankfully.

My ankle socks are finished! I used a stretchy cast of but not your usual cuff. For these socks I made one row of purl stitches and then 6 rows of stockinette so it would roll over but the purl row would stop it from going any further. The yarn I used was Stylecraft highlights DK with mohair and the shade was 1464 Aquarius.

HO – Half Finished Object:

Morgan is having another pair of socks knitted for him, a vanilla pair and I have finished one of them already. I used Stylecraft Special Aran in 1027 Khaki. I will be knitting the other one when I finish my first Mercury sock.

WIPs – Works In Progress:

My first wip is my Mercury sock. The pattern is a free one on ravelry and is by Kim Drotar. This is my first project using yarn overs and I feel so silly for not learning how to do them before as they are ridiculously easy. I wanted some patterned socks because I was bored of knitting vanilla socks and I knit them too quickly but I seem to be knitting these ones quickly too. I also learnt the German twisted cast on for this project and will be using that on other cuff down socks in the future. The yarn I used was Styclraft Special DK in 2303 Oatmeal.

The other two wips are college projects. One is some embroidery I am doing into an old pair of Morgan’s jeans; using facts about ethical fashion and fast fashion production to cover the fabric.

The second is a crocheted blanket that I have designed myself using the unravelled jumpers from last week. I have made the first two rows so far.

Hedgerow Ramblings:

This week I have moved away from The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson and I have started reading A Gift From Bob by James Bowen which is another Street Cat Named Bob book. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and I am just over halfway through.

Morgan and I have been watching QI in the evenings on Netflix and have been splitting our sides at Stephen Fry and Alan Davis. Unfortunately Morgan has banned me from doing any kind of crafty thing when we are sat watching together, although I can understand!

I have brought a little scooter! My CBT test is on 13th May so hopefully I should be tootling about on the road very soon! Imagine all the wool I could collect in the storage and how many more places I would be able to yarn bomb!

Thats all for this week, see you next time…




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