Show Notes

Podcast Episode Four | Show Notes

Hello everyone!

It feel so good to be back after breaking my arm in May. Hopefully now that I am on my summer holidays I should be able to get a lot of knitting done before I start my Fine Art degree at university.

FOs – Finished Objects:

Mum’s Birthday Shawl – I used the Lacy Shawl pattern by Elisabeth Davis de Herriaz for Simply Crochet magazine. The wool I chose was a fingering weight that had a very large halo, I can’t tell you yarn brand/colour or fiber content because I lost the band for it.

Mustard Hat – I used the Classic Cuffed Hat pattern by Purl Soho. It turned out slightly larger than planned because the wool I used was very coarse and stiff, I added a brown pom pom to the top. Again I lost the yarn band for these yarns too but they were worsted/ aran weight yarn.

Swimming Pool Hat – I used the Purl Soho pattern again for this hat. This time I knitted it with two strands of yarn, one light dusky blue double knit and a aqua coloured four ply and it turned out the right size. This is for my partner’s great grandma to give to one of her career.

Green Shawl/Scarf – I used the Purl Soho Dovetail Scarf Pattern. This was knit using wool I brought from a lady vending in Ludlow, her yarn company is Shroppie Sheep on facebook ( ) I still need to block this scarf.

Burgundy Vanilla Socks – These were knit using my own vanilla sock recipe. The wool I used was Sunbeam St.Ives 4 ply (80% wool 20% nylon). Unfortunately I have to unravel one sock and knit it again as the toe and heel are a tad too small.

WIPs – Works in Progress:

Morgan’s Vanilla Sock – I started another pair of socks for Morgan, using my vanilla recipe. I am doing contrasting toes, heels and cuffs for these. The contrasting yarn is the Sunbeam St.Ives 4 ply I knit my socks from and the main colour is Adriafil Clalazasocks in 40 Multi Green (75% virgin wool 25% nylon).

I made a small modification to one of my vintage style dresses. It originally had off the shoulder straps but I took them out and replaced them with spaghetti straps. I just need to take in the strap length by about 1cm.

WIP Wishlist:

Now I have some free time I will start to knit hats and gloves for family members for Christmas.

I would also like to start knitting myself some jumpers or cardigans for the colder months. I have some grey aran wool and black 4ply/DK wool that I know I will definitely be using.

Thanks for tuning in!



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