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Podcast Episode Seven | Show notes

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of show notes for the last episode of the podcast, if I’m honest I was more concerned with just getting an episode up for you guys to see and not to let my channel linger without any new uploads! I have been making a fair bit recently so lets get into it!

F.O.s – Finished Objects:

I started knitting Morgan’s dad and aran jumper and managed to finish knitting the back panel. The pattern I am using is Patons C 7987 Family Cable Sweater (I think that is what its called). The wool I am using is some that Grandma Penny gave to me from a previous jumper she tried to knit for his dad.

My mum has commissioned me some dish/ face cloths and I have completed one. I used King Cole Bid Value Recycled Cotton Aran (80% cotton, 20% other fibre) and the pattern I made was:

The first sleeve of The Sweatshirt Sweater (by Purl Soho) for Morgan is now complete! Although I wont be knitting the rest until I have finished his dad’s jumper. The wool I used for that was Wendy Aran With Wool in Milky Way (75% acrylic, 25%wool).

Finally the 60s stripey Dovetail Scarf (by Purl Soho) is off my needles!! The wool used was James.C. Brett Twinkle Fashion DK (100% acrylic). This is going to be a gift for the bike fundraising raffle. I will definitely not be using this wool again because it is very scratchy and not very nice.

Also once again I have made another Classic Cuffed hat from (you guessed it!) Purl Soho. I think I may have to frog the last few decrease rounds to make it a little flatter on the crown of the head. I used Stylecraft Life Chunky in Oatmeal (25% wool, 75%acrylic).

W.I.Ps – Works in Progress:

I have started the cuff of my second Funky Gryffindor sock, another pair for Morgan, these will just be plain vanilla and he says that the first one fits him perfectly so that’s great! I am using a mysterious hand dyed wool from his mum’s stash and Sunbeam St.Ives 4ply for the heels and toes.

I have a test knit on the needles as well! The pattern is by @mrslobelia on instagram and it is her The Journey Begins cowl perfect for beginner knitters because all it is is knits and purls. I am using another mysterious wool from my stash, a light dusty pink acrylic, hopefully I have enough to finish the project with.

With the same wool as the first dish cloth, I had started a second pattern (here’s the link): . Unfortunately I didn’t keep track on which row I was on so I will now have to frog it and start the same pattern over again. I don’t mind seeing as I had only done half a pattern repeat.

The singles I span with 100% merino fibre from fibre hut in Chocolate and Amber have finally been plied! I have about three mini skeins worth of singles left to ply together and then I will begin to soak all of the mini skeins.

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode and the more chatty nature of my videos now!

See you soon,



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Podcast Episode Five | Show Notes

Hello everyone!

I managed to get a lot of knitting done this week so lets get into it!

FOs – Finished Objects:

I finished the second of Morgan’s socks. I was using my own vanilla sock recipe and I am pleased to say that I have managed to find the perfect recipe for Morgan’s socks! The wool I used was Adrifil Calazasocks in colour 40 Multi Green (75% wool/ 25% nylon) for the main body and Sunbeam St.Ives (80% wool/ 20% nylon) for the cuffs heels and toes.

When we went to Wales Morgan’s gran gave me a jumper to finish off for her, this consisted of sewing the seams together and knitting the crew neck. The pattern was The Body Block Sweater by Sublime. I used Sublime Luxurious Aran Tweed (40% wool/ 40% cotton, 20% llama) in Vineyard, Red Earth, Oak and Fauve.

I also got around to blocking my green triangle scarf. The pattern is the Dovetail Scarf by Purl Soho. The wool is Shropie Sheep on facebook (100% wool).

WIPs – Works In Progress:

I cast on my first jumper pattern this week, it is The Sweatshirt Sweater by Purl Soho and it is going to be for Morgan although I may steal it from time to time. The wool I am using is Wendy Aran With Wool (75% acrylic/ 25% wool) in Milkyway. So far both the sleeves are knitted and I am on the cuff of the bottom of the jumper.

My other WIP is on my drop spindle. I am spinning 100% merino wool from Fibrehut in Amber. Instead of parking and drafting I have changed to spinning while standing and the consistency of my wool is so much better after making that change. I plan on making it into a barber poled two ply lace weight or fingering wool.

WIP Wishlist:

I still need to cast on the second sock for myself using the Sunbeam St.Ives wool.

Morgan is in drastic need of another pair of handmade socks.

Hopefully I will start to work on the second colour of fibre so I can begin to ply them together.

Morgan has also commissioned me to make him a pair of thin gloves.


Book : Easy Fairisle Knits by Martin Storey.

Wool: Artesano Hummingbird 100% alpaca, Bergere de France Ideal 50g in The and 100g in Gerbille.


Thank you all for dropping in, see you again soon.

Rhiannon 🙂

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Podcast Episode Four | Show Notes

Hello everyone!

It feel so good to be back after breaking my arm in May. Hopefully now that I am on my summer holidays I should be able to get a lot of knitting done before I start my Fine Art degree at university.

FOs – Finished Objects:

Mum’s Birthday Shawl – I used the Lacy Shawl pattern by Elisabeth Davis de Herriaz for Simply Crochet magazine. The wool I chose was a fingering weight that had a very large halo, I can’t tell you yarn brand/colour or fiber content because I lost the band for it.

Mustard Hat – I used the Classic Cuffed Hat pattern by Purl Soho. It turned out slightly larger than planned because the wool I used was very coarse and stiff, I added a brown pom pom to the top. Again I lost the yarn band for these yarns too but they were worsted/ aran weight yarn.

Swimming Pool Hat – I used the Purl Soho pattern again for this hat. This time I knitted it with two strands of yarn, one light dusky blue double knit and a aqua coloured four ply and it turned out the right size. This is for my partner’s great grandma to give to one of her career.

Green Shawl/Scarf – I used the Purl Soho Dovetail Scarf Pattern. This was knit using wool I brought from a lady vending in Ludlow, her yarn company is Shroppie Sheep on facebook ( ) I still need to block this scarf.

Burgundy Vanilla Socks – These were knit using my own vanilla sock recipe. The wool I used was Sunbeam St.Ives 4 ply (80% wool 20% nylon). Unfortunately I have to unravel one sock and knit it again as the toe and heel are a tad too small.

WIPs – Works in Progress:

Morgan’s Vanilla Sock – I started another pair of socks for Morgan, using my vanilla recipe. I am doing contrasting toes, heels and cuffs for these. The contrasting yarn is the Sunbeam St.Ives 4 ply I knit my socks from and the main colour is Adriafil Clalazasocks in 40 Multi Green (75% virgin wool 25% nylon).

I made a small modification to one of my vintage style dresses. It originally had off the shoulder straps but I took them out and replaced them with spaghetti straps. I just need to take in the strap length by about 1cm.

WIP Wishlist:

Now I have some free time I will start to knit hats and gloves for family members for Christmas.

I would also like to start knitting myself some jumpers or cardigans for the colder months. I have some grey aran wool and black 4ply/DK wool that I know I will definitely be using.

Thanks for tuning in!


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Podcast Episode Three | Show Notes

Hello everyone,

I’ve started a few more projects this week so we’ll have to see how many I manage to get finished.

FOs – Finished Objects:

My first finished item wasn’t one that I have made recently. In fact it was something I had created a few months ago for stage two of my Art course. This was my first ever experience of using a drop spindle and spinning my own wool. The thing I love the most about this object is you can see my progression in learning how to spin properly. I brought my drop spindle and all my fibre from The spindle came in the ‘Drop Spindle “Naturals” Kit’ and another batch of fibre that was ‘Corriedale Natural Humbug’.

The other finished item I had was my first ball I’ve spun from what I have left of the Corriedale fibre. I’ve not weighed it yet so I’m not sure exactly how much I’ve spun already.

HOs – Half Finished Objects:

I finally finished my first Mercury sock (pattern by Kim Drotar on Ravelry). I am so pleased with the way it has turned out, so much neater than the other socks I have made. On the heel I made sure to make it bigger by knitting in between each decrease row for six repeats. This project has got me into wanting to make more lace items of knitting.

WIPs – Works in Progress:

The second Mercury sock is well under way although I did make a mistake on this one. I forgot to do the yarn overs on one of my double pointed needles so there is a blank space on one bit of my sock. I wasn’t extremely annoyed about it so I haven’t gone back to fix it – handmade isn’t meant to be perfect! I’m using Stylecraft DK in 2303 Oatmeal.

My embroidery on Morgan’s old jeans is coming along really well. I am about halfway through my third fact and about to finish one side of the leg. I had originally wanted to keep the trouser leg whole but it is turning out to be too difficult so I have decided to cut up the side seam, allowing me to embroider both sides of the leg and make it easier to work on.

A new cast on for this week is my Weasley jumper! It probably isn’t the best Idea to start knitting an aran weight jumper when we’re entering spring/summer but I couldn’t help myself – blame Katie from Inside Number 23. I can’t tell you what yarn I’m using as it is some that was given to me without any labels but as far as I can tell it’s acrylic with maybe a tiny bit of wool content.

I am also continuing to spin the rest of the Corriedale fibre as and when I have the time, I’ll just give it 20 minutes every now and then and it’s amazing how much you can get spun up in that time. I’ve already got a reasonable amount on the spindle.

The last wip I had to show you this month was a shawl I’m finishing that Morgan’s mum had started. The yarn I’m using is Stylecraft Cabaret DK in 3577 Autumn Dazzle. I love the way this yarn works up because it gives you lovely stripes when you crochet with it. The only thing I don’t like is that the stellina is a bit scratchy when you’re working with it, the finished fabric doesn’t feel scratchy.

WIP Wishlist:

The only pattern I’ve had my eye on recently was the ‘Hermione’s Everyday Socks’ pattern by Erica Lueder on Ravelry. They will probably be the next new pair of sock I cast on, once I’ve finished the Mercury and green ones of course!

Stash Enhancement:

I didn’t buy wool this week but I was given. Morgan’s gran gave me some pink green and yellow wool she brought from the range because she didn’t like the way it crocheted up into a granny square. I know I will be making a pair of socks out of this already. It’s acrylic yarn from the range but I can’t say exactly which one because there is no label.

A different form of stash enhancement was a Sew magazine I brought from work. The reason it caught my eye was because there was a Cath Kidston project book as one of the free gifts. It also came with a really nice simple t-shirt pattern so when I get more time to sew and gather material I will certainly be making some new tops for myself.

Hedgerow Ramblings:

This week I’ve been watch Paranormal event as I have caught up with all the recent Ghost Adventures episodes and dare I say it but I might actually prefer Paranormal event!

I started reading Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins on Sunday and finished it on Tuesday. I love the book so much and I haven’t read one that quickly for a while. It was nice to dip into some fiction as I mostly read non-fiction.

I am about to start reading Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth. The TV program is one of my favourites ever so I am looking forward to reading the book.

On Monday I popped into Waterstones and picked up two books: The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry and M Train by Patti Smith. I also popped into the Co-op and picked up Memories of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

That’s all I’ve got for this week guys, see you next time!



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Podcast Episode Two | Show Notes

Hello everyone!

This week I managed to sort out the video and audio quality as I have started filming on my Ipad instead of my camera.

FOs – Finished Objects:

Morgan’s blue socks went through the wash and only had one casualty, a ripped stitch at the top that hasn’t uravelled thankfully.

My ankle socks are finished! I used a stretchy cast of but not your usual cuff. For these socks I made one row of purl stitches and then 6 rows of stockinette so it would roll over but the purl row would stop it from going any further. The yarn I used was Stylecraft highlights DK with mohair and the shade was 1464 Aquarius.

HO – Half Finished Object:

Morgan is having another pair of socks knitted for him, a vanilla pair and I have finished one of them already. I used Stylecraft Special Aran in 1027 Khaki. I will be knitting the other one when I finish my first Mercury sock.

WIPs – Works In Progress:

My first wip is my Mercury sock. The pattern is a free one on ravelry and is by Kim Drotar. This is my first project using yarn overs and I feel so silly for not learning how to do them before as they are ridiculously easy. I wanted some patterned socks because I was bored of knitting vanilla socks and I knit them too quickly but I seem to be knitting these ones quickly too. I also learnt the German twisted cast on for this project and will be using that on other cuff down socks in the future. The yarn I used was Styclraft Special DK in 2303 Oatmeal.

The other two wips are college projects. One is some embroidery I am doing into an old pair of Morgan’s jeans; using facts about ethical fashion and fast fashion production to cover the fabric.

The second is a crocheted blanket that I have designed myself using the unravelled jumpers from last week. I have made the first two rows so far.

Hedgerow Ramblings:

This week I have moved away from The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson and I have started reading A Gift From Bob by James Bowen which is another Street Cat Named Bob book. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and I am just over halfway through.

Morgan and I have been watching QI in the evenings on Netflix and have been splitting our sides at Stephen Fry and Alan Davis. Unfortunately Morgan has banned me from doing any kind of crafty thing when we are sat watching together, although I can understand!

I have brought a little scooter! My CBT test is on 13th May so hopefully I should be tootling about on the road very soon! Imagine all the wool I could collect in the storage and how many more places I would be able to yarn bomb!

Thats all for this week, see you next time…